Sky digital remote control (Askturia)

Askturia is a planet under three suns. On Askturia, life conditions are very tough. The daylight is extremely agressive and intense and the average temperature is about 70°C. The word “night” doesn’t exist, this concept is unknown. Fortunately, Askturian scientists have designed a device that has dramatically improved life conditions on Askturia: the Uairiigoto. The Uairiigoto is a sky digital remote control that displays a kind of dark screen in the sky all over the planet. This device alters digitally the brightness and the color of specific nanoparticles floating in the high atmosphere. Once a year, the Askturians celebrate the Naked Day, which is known to be the most important celebration of the Askturian calendar. On this day, the color of the nanoparticles is turned to purple and their brightness is set to the lowest level. With these specific settings, Askturians can take off their clothes and remain naked for hours without risking sunburns. The bad thing is that with these settings, the sky digital remote control produces constantly a very loud sound. Fortunately, Askturian people are telepaths, they don’t have ears. Hear the sound of the sky digital remote control on Naked Day:

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