Eye surgery box (Hirokamawa society)

The Hirokamawans have beautiful golden eyes. The problem is that they all look exactly the same. When they can afford it, they often decide to get eye surgery, in order to have their own unique eyes. The surgery process is simple and unpainful: they have to enter into a kind of sophisticated box, close their eyes and sit there for about half an hour, that’s all. When the surgery process is complete, they have their new own eyes. Here is the sound of the surgery box.

Audio therapy (Flizoar expanse)

Flizoarian don’t wear clothes. Their skin is tightly connected to their neural system and their emotions produce colored stains on their bodies. Their body stains change constantly as their mood change. Light blue stains mean compassion, orange stains mean anger and so on… When they have bad feelings, everybody can see it. To avoid bad feelings, they have to practice audio therapy about a dozen time a day. Listen to the sound that is supposed to avoid selfishness:


Alien conference call using frequency converters (Izikania Nebula)

Here is the audio record of a conference call beetween Managing Executives of the Izikania Nebula. One of the involved businessmen is a telepath. The audio conferencing device converts his thoughts into audio frequencies. He can’t help thinking about a beautiful engineer he met this morning and just can’t focus on the conversation. He starts loosing credibility. The others are a little upset.

Probe remote access (klug star system)

Every minute, hundreds of comets are passing through the Klug star system. This unusual phenomenon is due to a gravimetric anomaly, that modifies comet orbits and attracts them into a space corridor. This corridor looks like a perpetual firework, it’s beautiful. Its shape is unsteady and changes all the time. As a matter of fact, it’s impossible for inhabited space vessels to navigate in the system, it’s far too dangerous, even for experienced pilotes. The Klug Ministry of Transportation has launched many probes inside the corridor. They have all been destroyed within a few seconds, but thanks to a sophisticated remote access software developped by the KIHC (Klug Ingeneering High Comitee), the Ministry has managed to download a few samples of sounds and images recorded just before the probes explode.

Sky digital remote control (Askturia)

Askturia is a planet under three suns. On Askturia, life conditions are very tough. The daylight is extremely agressive and intense and the average temperature is about 70°C. The word “night” doesn’t exist, this concept is unknown. Fortunately, Askturian scientists have designed a device that has dramatically improved life conditions on Askturia: the Uairiigoto. The Uairiigoto is a sky digital remote control that displays a kind of dark screen in the sky all over the planet. This device alters digitally the brightness and the color of specific nanoparticles floating in the high atmosphere. Once a year, the Askturians celebrate the Naked Day, which is known to be the most important celebration of the Askturian calendar. On this day, the color of the nanoparticles is turned to purple and their brightness is set to the lowest level. With these specific settings, Askturians can take off their clothes and remain naked for hours without risking sunburns. The bad thing is that with these settings, the sky digital remote control produces constantly a very loud sound. Fortunately, Askturian people are telepaths, they don’t have ears. Hear the sound of the sky digital remote control on Naked Day:

Atomic force microscopy (ankaratia solar system)

Ankaratians are allergic to many organic and chemical compounds. Even an infinitesimal quantity of toxic substance can be dangerous for them. One single Sodium Chloride crystal can kill them within seconds. Everytime they have a meal, they have to use an Atomic Force Microscope to scan the food at a nanometer scale before they eat it. If the food contains dangerous atoms, the Atomic Force Microscope produces this sound:

Avoiding bankruptcy (Stellagphiron Prime)

On Stellagphiron Prime, the Government has invented a very effective way of avoiding bankruptcy. When a company begins to have serious problems, an alarm starts to ring nearby its headquarters. At first, the alarm level is very low. It increases slightly to an unbearable level and starts to decrease only when the company becomes profitable again. When people around hear the bankrupt alarm, they stop all their usual activities to help the company in any way they can. Bankers provide debt consolidation loans at very low rates, marketing counselors provide advices and studies for free, retailers cut their margins, everybody around advertises, buys or sells the products of the company, until the situation gets better. Usually it works. If it doesn’t, everybody in the area becomes deaf.